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About Us

The River Basin Management Society (RBMS) is a representative body for professionals working with land, water and natural resource management in Australia.

The RBMS recognises, promotes and disseminates advances in the natural resource management industry as well as providing independent professional advocacy and comment. We encourage education, training, research and development for our members and the industry through funding and partnerships. We have been active since our establishment in 1986.

The RBMS aims to broaden the knowledge and experience of its members and to foster a better understanding between the many individuals and groups interested in land, water and natural resource management. By doing so, the RBMS hopes that more informed and balanced decision making will bring sustainable environmental benefit to Australia.

The RBMS keeps members updated on activities and new initiatives by:

The River Basin Management Society is on the Register of Environmental Organisations to receive tax deductable donations. The Society’s Public Fund, the Integrated Catchment Management Foundation Public Fund is endorsed for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status so all donors can claim income tax deductions for gifts made to the Fund.