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The RBMS committee is a volunteer group established to serve the integrated catchment management industry. Committee positions are appointed for 12 month cycles commencing at the start of the RBMS financial year. Please contact any of the committee members if you have any questions or comments about the RBMS.

 Alison Miller

Alison Miller – President

Alison is an Environmental Engineer working with Water Technology’s Catchments and Floodplains team, specialising in hydrologic, hydraulic and waterway management investigations. She is passionate about using her skills for positive environmental outcomes, with key interests in environmental flow delivery and ecohydraulics.



Myles Coker – Vice President

Myles is an Environmental Engineer working in GHD’s Water Resources group and has stormwater, waterways and catchment management experience in Australia and Peru. With a strong interest in economics, he also enjoys developing skills from his combined degree in Commerce and applying them to urban water management.


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Bec Schwarzman – Secretary

Bec is a geographer and environmental scientist working as a consultant at RMCG in Melbourne. She has a strong understanding of the biophysical aspects of river management, as well as the social and development issues surrounding large-scale water projects and rural water management. Bec’s current area of work in water management includes salinity management, irrigation industry perspectives and water market trends.



Josh Hale – Treasurer

Josh completed a PhD in 2011 based at the University of Melbourne (Zoology) and Museum Victoria investigating the impact of urban development on southeast Australian frog species, including the endangered Growling Grass Frog. He then worked at Museum Victoria, where he designed and implemented numerous monitoring programs, including an investigation of the impact of the Black Saturday bushfires on the frogs in the Kinglake region. He now works at Jacobs (SKM) as an Aquatic Ecologist.



Mark Stacey – Immediate Past President

Mark is an environmental scientist at Alluvium Consulting. He is passionate about environmental sustainability, the health of our aquatic environments and the balanced use of our water resources. His work focuses on the protection and rehabilitation of river and wetland systems, through application of his skills in environmental water, geomorphology, geospatial science, hydrology and project management.



Misko Ivezich – Committee member

Misko is an environmental engineer who works to improve the health of rivers and streams across Australia. Misko has worked in river management for Alluvium Consulting in both their Melbourne and Brisbane offices.



Keiran Crocker – Committee member

I have over 20 years experience with Melbourne Water particularly in waterway and drainage management in Port Phillip and Westernport regions. My broader experience includes rural water management in Victoria. I am an engineer manager, including experience in engagement and approvals management. I am now semi retired and keen to contribute to the industry.



Andrew Cameron – Committee member

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics in 2012, Andrew spent 2 years working within corporate agribusiness in Melbourne. After moving to Northern NSW in 2014, he began working as an on-farm consultant within the macadamia industry, where he was involved in consulting growers on integrated orchard management practices. Andrew is currently undertaking a masters degree in Integrated Water Management where he study’s full time at the University of Queensland. Andrew hopes to move into catchment management on completion of his studies.



Matt Curtis – Committee member

Matthew Curtis is a Water Engineer with experience in the planning, design and construction of surface water systems and associated environmental management. His design experience encompasses the prioritisation, design and approvals phases of projects. He has also supervised the construction of many water infrastructure projects including water storages, creek rehabilitation projects, natural channel design, fish passage and weirs, and Water Sensitive Urban Design systems.

Key skill areas
• Design and project management
• Regional and urban hydrology
• 1D / 2D open channel and pipe hydraulics
• Surface and groundwater Interaction
• River and creek rehabilitation
• Catchment planning and management
• Sediment and erosion control works.



Ben Pearson – Committee Member

Ben is an experienced geomorphologist, environmental consultant and advisor, with 15 years of industry experience. He holds a Ph.D. in sedimentary and vegetative controls of channel stability and a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Geomorphology from James Cook University. In his current role, Ben manages the Land and Water Management group at Hydrobiology, focusing on fluvial and coastal geomorphology, water quality, sediment transport processes and impact assessments. Ben’s consulting experience has included work throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Oceania, Africa, South America, South-East Asia, and the Indian Sub-Continent. His key skills include fluvial and coastal geomorphology, tracing catchment sediments, GIS-based catchment assessments, environmental hydrology, sediment and water quality assessment, and interaction between geomorphology, habitat, and envir
onmental flows.



 Penny Rogers – Committee member

Penny is an Environmental Engineer working within Melbourne Water’s Regional Services Team. She has particular experience in waterway engineering design, geomorphology and environmental risk assessment having working in Australia, the Middle East and California. A career highlight so far has been developing the design and supervising the construction for the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project: a multi-phase ecosystem restoration project that encompasses 7.7 miles of stream restoration and multiple in-stream habitat structures.



 Jasmine Errey – Committee member

Jasmine is an Environmental Scientist in GHD’s Natural Resources Management group with a strong interest in integrated river and catchment planning and management. This has been enriched through several medium-term secondments within NSW and Victorian State Governments, six years of NRM project experience at GHD and a recent 1 year period of working at the UK River Restoration Centre in England.



Brad Clingin – Committee member

Brad has an Engineering degree in Mechatronics with a Master’s degree in Integrated Water Management. With an extensive background in the automotive industry, Brad moved to regional Victoria four years ago to take up a role with Wannon Water and look to pursue his interest in community and environmental sustainability.

Brad completed his thesis on Integrated Catchment Management in the Gellibrand River Catchment located in the Otway region of SW Victoria, assessing nutrient sources from land use activities.

Brad is passionate about his local community and is involved with the local EstuaryWatch group in the Warrnambool region, as well as a number of other volunteer community organisations.

As part of his role with Wannon Water, Brad is a committee member on the Carbon neutrality-working group, has an interest in energy efficiency, WSUD, Catchment Management and community engagement. Brad is an enthusiastic year-round participant in the weekly swim across Warrnambool’s Lady Bay.



 Lisa Duncan – Committee member

Lisa is a project officer at the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority working on a broad range of projects including environmental management in Barmah Forest and on-farm irrigation efficiency projects to boost environmental water recovery in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District. Lisa has a double degree in environmental engineering and environmental science, and recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Catchment and Waterway Management. Lisa has also worked at Melbourne Water and the Victorian Environmental Water Holder. In her spare time Lisa likes to spend as much time on Victoria’s waterways as possible, her favourite spots for kayaking and rafting are the Snowy, Wonnangatta and Goulburn Rivers.



 Jacqui Lloyd – Committee member

Jacqui’s career has been mostly stormwater design and flood modelling related, in the private sector. However she has a particular interest in waterways, and along with environmental engineering Jacqui also has a background in geomorphology through her undergraduate studies.


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 Phil Smith – Committee member

Phil is an Ecologist (BSc Hons) by training and currently Waterway Health Officer at Ipswich City Council.  Since University he has a varied professional background in the water space in both the UK and Australia.  Previous work includes waterway improvement under the Water Framework Directive for the Wildlife Trusts (UK) , community engagement, flood risk communications (Environment Agency, UK) as well as urban waterway management and strategic planning (in Local Government).  The skills and experience gained through his career ensure a broad and holistic understanding of waterway management and its challenges, from a social and scientific perspective.