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Constitution update 2014


The RBMS Committee held a Statutory Meeting on 26/6/2014 (see agenda) to declare the results of the referendum on our proposed amendments to the existing constitution.

The Statutory Meeting declared that the motion to amend the constitution was passed unanimously by all members who cast a vote.


The RBMS Committee is currently undergoing the process to update our constitution. The need for an update to the constitution was flagged at the AGM of the Society on the 21/11/2013. By updating the Society’s Constitution, the Committee aims to achieve the following outcomes in order to improve the service we provide to our members:

  • Ensure that the Committee is able to use modern technology to share and receive information with its members,
  • Make it easier to administer the financial records of the society by aligning the RBMS financial year to the conventional June/July financial year,
  • Maintain the purpose of the River Basin Management Society and its role within the Integrated Catchment Management industry
  • Ensuring that in achieving the above outcomes, the RBMS maintains a Constitution that will be in keeping with the rules governing an incorporated body as specified by Consumer Affairs and the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

When the committee set out to modify our existing constitution we discovered that in order to comply with the latest requirements governing new constitutions (as specified by Consumer Affairs) it was far easier to modify the “Model Rules for an Incorporated Body” than it was to make our existing constitution compliant with Consumer Affairs requirements. For this reason the proposed constitution is longer than our existing one. As per Point 3 above we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the intent of the proposed constitution has not been lost by adopting the Model Rules as the framework for the update. All changes made to the model rules have been clearly annotated in the proposed draft.

The process for changing our Constitution is outlined in Rule 18 of our existing constitution. This rule dictates that in order to change the constitution, two stages must be followed. Stage 1 allowed members to comment on the proposed draft constitution – the proposed draft put to members in April 2014 can be found here .All the comments made by our members during Stage 1 were incorporated into the proposed constitution. Following incorporation of the members comments, Stage 2 required a referendum of all members listed in the register of members. Votes had to be submitted by 25/06/2014 in order for them to be considered. If supported by the members, the constitution is then sent to Consumer Affairs for approval.

Jesse Barrett

RBMS President