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Our History

Our Beginnings

The River Basin Management Society Inc. was officially founded on 26 November 1986, the date of the Society being incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. In late 2016 we celebrated our 30th birthday by the Yarra River in Melbourne, Victoria. This beginnings of the RBMS are described in the preamble to our constitution:

Arising from a greater awareness by the Community of the attributes of streams and their environs, and of the capability of technology, significant changes are occurring in the practice of management of water areas in the State of Victoria.

This awakening has recognised the many and varied disciplines involved in the investigation, appraisal and management activities, as well as the desire of participants to come together to form relationships and through discussion to improve the application of their joint knowledge in providing service to the community.

Accordingly at a meeting of participants held at Stratford, Victoria on the 10th. May 1984, it was resolved to form an association of people participating in the comprehensive fields of river basin planning and management.


Executive Committee

We are proud to have been well served by an entirely volunteer committee since our establishment in 1986/87. Those who have been on the RBMS Executive Committee are listed below.

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Past President
2018/19 Alison Miller Myles Coker Jacqui Lloyd Josh Hale Mark Stacey
2017/18 Alison Miller Myles Coker Bec Schwarzman Josh Hale Mark Stacey
2016/17 Mark Stacey Myles Coker Alison Miller Josh Hale Jesse Barrett
2015/16 Mark Stacey Myles Coker Johanna Slijkerman Marty Hillemacher Jesse Barrett
2014/15 Jesse Barrett Mark Stacey Johanna Slijkerman Marty Hillemacher
2013/14 Jesse Barrett Mark Stacey Johanna Slijkerman Marty Hillemacher Geoff Vietz
2012/13 Geoff Vietz Jesse Barrett Johanna Slijkerman Marty Hillemacher Joanne Andrews
2011/12 Joanne Andrews Geoff Vietz Johanna Slijkerman Marty Hillemacher Amanda Wealands
2010/11 Joanne Andrews Marty Hillemacher Susan Watson Peter Sandercock Amanda Wealands
2009/10 Amanda Wealands Joanne Andrews Susan Watson Peter Sandercock Ross Hardie
2008/09 Amanda Wealands Sam Marwood Susan Watson Joanne Andrews Ross Hardie
2007/08 Ross Hardie Amanda Wealands Susan Watson Joanne Andrews Bob Rau
2006/07 Ross Hardie Pamela Brook Joanne Andrews Bob Rau
2005/06 Bob Rau Pamela Brook Jean Rau Ron Hodges
2004/05 Bob Rau Nick O’Connor Jean Rau Ron Hodges
2003/04 Ron Hodges Bob Rau Jean Rau Lance Lloyd
2002/03 Ron Hodges Chris Dwyer Tanya Wansbrough Jean Rau Lance Lloyd
2001/02 Lance Lloyd Ron Hodges Jennifer Davis Jean Rau Sandra Brizga
2000/01 Lance Lloyd Kelly O’Shannasy Jennifer Davis Ron Hodges Sandra Brizga
1999/00 Lance Lloyd John Senior Jennifer Davis Ron Hodges Sandra Brizga
1998/99 Sandra Brizga Lance Lloyd Peter Rankin Ron Hodges John Senior
1997/98 Sandra Brizga Lance Lloyd Peter Rankin Ron Hodges John Senior
1996/97 John Senior Sandra Brizga Peter Rankin Ron Hodges John Tilleard
1995/96 John Senior Sandra Brizga Clarke Ballard Ron Hodges John Tilleard
1994/95 John Senior Don Thompson Clarke Ballard Ron Hodges John Tilleard
1993/94 John Tilleard John Senior Clarke Ballard Ron Hodges Don Thompson
1992/93 John Tilleard Clarke Ballard John Senior Ron Hodges Don Thompson
1991/92 Don Thompson John Tilleard John Senior Ron Hodges Colin Turnbull
1990/91 Don Thompson John Tilleard John Senior Ron Hodges Colin Turnbull
1989/90 Don Thompson John Tilleard John Senior Ron Hodges Colin Turnbull
1988/89 Colin Turnbull Don Thompson John Senior Ron Hodges
1987/88 Colin Turnbull Don Thompson John Senior Ron Hodges
1986/87 Colin Turnbull Don Thompson John Senior Ron Hodges


Committee Members

The RBMS Executive has been supported by many other dedicated Committee members during our history. All Committee members are listed below, along with their length of service as a Committee member of the Society.

5+ years 3+ years 2 years 1 year
Ron Hodges (20 yrs) Alison Miller (4 yrs) Barrie Richardson (2 yrs) Andrew Cameron (1 yr)
John Senior (14 yrs) Bec Schwarzman (4 yrs) Bronwyn Gwyther (2 yrs) Adam Hood (1 yr)
Lance Lloyd (14 yrs) Geoff Vietz (4 yrs) Bill Johnsen (2 yrs) Apanie Wood (1 yr)
Bob Rau (13 yrs) Ian Rutherfurd (4 yrs) Dan Borg (2 yrs) Ben Tate (1 yr)
John Tilleard (11 yrs) Jamie Kaye (4 yrs) Dean Judd (2 yrs) Chris Gippel (1 yr)
Sandra Brizga (11 yrs) Peter Rankin (4 yrs) Fiona Gilbert (2 yrs) Chris Irons (1 yr)
Don Thompson (9 yrs) Ashley Roberts (3 yrs) Geoff Denans (2 yrs) Colin Creighton (1 yr)
Clarke Ballard (8 yrs) Chris Dwyer (3 yrs) John Riddiford (2 yrs) Colin Leitch (1 yr)
Mark Stacey (8 yrs) Ed Thexton (3 yrs) Marnie Ireland (2 yrs) David Jones (1 yr)
Colin Turnbull (7 yrs)  Edwina Manifold (3 yrs) Brad Clingin (2 yrs) Alanna Main (1 yr)
Jesse Barrett (7 yrs) James Rennie (3 yrs) Mike Willis (2 yrs)  Yi-Ming Ma (1 yr)
Joanne Andrews, nee Hand (7 yrs) Julian O’Mara (3 yrs) Peter Jackson (2 yrs) Greg Peters (1 yr)
Keiran Croker (7 yrs) Kelly O’Shannasy (3 yrs) Russell Hawken (2 yrs)  Justin Sheed (1 yr)
Marty Hillemacher (7 yrs) Michael Papworth (3 yrs) Russell Wealands (2 yrs) Jarod Lyon (1 yr)
Amanda Wealands (6 yrs) Pamela Brook (3 yrs) Sarah Greenwood-Smith (2 yrs) Jasmine Errey (1 yr)
Barry Lewis (6 yrs) Patricia Geraghty (3 yrs) Scott Seymour (2 yrs) John Oats (1 yr)
Chris Chesterfield (6 yrs)  Peter Rogan (3 yrs) Solvej Patschke (2 yrs) Kathy Russell (1 yr)
Jane Bateson (6 yrs)  Peter Sandercock (3 yrs) Jacqui Lloyd (2 yrs) Les Tate (1 yr)
Johanna Slijkerman (6 yrs)  Rob Patrick (3 yrs) Matt Curtis (2 yrs) Lisa Walpole (1 yr)
Josh Hale (6 yrs) Stephen Perriss (3 yrs) Ben Pearson (2 yrs) Pauline Clancy (1 yr)
Kimberly James (6 yrs) Wayne Tennant (3 yrs)  Lisa Duncan (2 yrs) Pat Condina (1 yr)
Ross Hardie (6 yrs)  Penny Rogers (2 yrs) Matt Jackson (1 yr)
Sam Marwood (6 yrs) Mick Smith (1 yr)
Clare Ferguson (5 yrs) Nick O’Connor (1 yr)
Jean Rau (5 yrs) Nick Ronan (1 yr)
Jennifer Davis (5 yrs) Rob Skinner (1 yr)
Misko Ivezich (5 yrs) Ruth Cockerton (1 yr)
Myles Coker (5 yrs) Steve Page (1 yr)
Susan Watson, nee Burns (5 yrs) Tanya Wansbrough (1 yr)
Trevor Dando (1 yr)


Life Members

To reflect their significant contribution to the RBMS, the Committee has appointed the following eight life (honorary) members since our establishment in 1986/87:

  • Ian Rutherfurd (appointed 2016)
  • Sandra Brizga (appointed 2014)
  • Lance Lloyd (appointed 2014)
  • John Senior (appointed 2001)
  • Don Thompson (appointed pre-1996)
  • John Tilleard (appointed 1998)
  • Colin Turnbull (appointed pre-1996; now deceased)
  • Ron Hodges (appointed pre-1996; now deceased)