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SEQ forums

In 2013 a group of NRM practitioners and river scientists in south east Queensland established the Practical River Science Forum (PRSF). The forum aimed to provide open and collective discussion by practitioners, scientists, and policy decision-makers on how practical river science can better inform and be guided by good policy and catchment management decisions within south east Queensland. The objectives of the PRSF closely align with those of the River Basin Management Society (RBMS) which aims to broaden the knowledge and experience of its members and to foster a better understanding between the many individuals and groups interested in river management.

Since the establishment of an RBMS chapter in south east Queensland we have been in discussions with the organisers of the PRSF on ways we can collaborate to help achieve our shared objectives. The RBMS south east Queensland chapter will work alongside members of the PRSF to continue to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to collaborate and share ideas about river and catchment management decisions within south east Queensland.

The outcomes of a recent forum on focussing on Riparian Vegetation is provided here. Numerous high profile speakers from academia, government and the NRM industry presented at this forum.

The RBMS invites its south east Queensland members and other interested individuals to complete this short survey about how the RBMS can be of most value to those in the region. The outcomes of survey will help the RBMS and the PRSF to continue to provide activities and new initiatives in the region.