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River Symposium 2014

International Riversymposium 2014

17th International Riversymposium

15-18 September 2014

National Convention Centre, Canberra

 This year the symposium has been refreshed and reinvigorated with a focus on vibrant, interactive sessions, unique networking opportunities as well as a new emphasis on local arts and culture. Riversymposium will continue to showcase scientific, policy driven topics and case studies that will leave you with a complete understanding of global challenges and developments whilst incorporating industry and community approaches.

 The 17th International Riversymposium will include a renewed, innovative RiverExpo that will provide collaborative opportunities with the Riversymposium partners. The RiverExpo will introduce an innovative space for you to informally meet your global peers and make those professional and community connections.

 We encourage you to register to attend the 17th International Riversymposium.

 For more information please visit the website: